Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here you can visit us on Facebook and post your question there – we’ll respond as soon as possible but we are also enjoying some time with our families so there may be some delays.

Please also remember that we are restricted with older phones and certain browsers and that some of you may not be able to view the experience at all. If this is the case, your kid(s) can still take part in the physical hunt and just ask you for the clues or you can draw a map.

Click here for the hiding places – but don’t let the kids see, it’s for Grown Ups only!

  • A mobile phone that has a camera. Newer models will generally work better than older ones.
  • If you’re on iOS please use Safari.
  • If you’re on Android please use Chrome (Samsung 7 and up).
  • Some older phones, operating systems and browsers may not run the experience or the experience may be laggy. 
  • Known issues on Galaxy Note 10.

Of course they can! It really depends on your kids and…well, just your kids. You can hide multiple eggs in the same location and give your kids the phone to share. Or, if the word “share” just made you laugh uncontrollably, they can take turns doing the hunt. The bunny’s here all through Easter, and even a bit after, so there’s plenty of time.

Of course! The Easter bunny doesn’t discriminate – you could be in Timaru, Tasmania, Transylvania, Taipei, or Timbuktu – as long as your phone meets the specs you can join in the hunt for the Easter bunny wherever you are! Just make sure you stay inside. 

If you have a phone with the right specs then play and find out! 

  • Did you read the instructions?
  • Check the specs above – some older phones and browsers are just not able to run augmented reality so you may not be able to see the experience. 
  • Check you have your camera and motion enabled.
  • Make sure the egg is clear in your frame.
  • Check the egg – is it an egg shape? Are you sure?
  • You might need to play around with the angle of your phone when capturing the egg. 
  • If the egg is found but you can’t see the animation you might have to move your phone around. Or refresh and try again. 
  • Did you read the instructions? 

In theory, yes. But where’s the fun in that? 

We’ll see if we can get the bunny to hang around a bit after Easter. I’m sure, under the circumstances, he’d be happy to help. 

Nope! Not intentionally anyway. We’re only collecting analytics on this – no personal data at all.

But also, we built this using our webAR platform called Mattar. Using Mattar we can create augmented reality experiences that are much more accessible, experienced through your browser without needing to download an app.

Thanks go to the amazing Method team and our friends who’ve helped make this happen and so quickly. We hope this has brought a little joy back into your Easter weekend.


Producers – Sam Ramlu, Hannah Rogers, Tanya Smith
Designers – Sophie Douglas, Matt Power 
Animation – Roshan Nowshad, Lahiru De Silva
Development – Caitlin Palmer, Preston Thomas, Nikesh Gajera
UX Testing – Bella Ali, Matt van der Haas, Andrew Welsh, friends and family
Copy & Script
Mark Easterbrook
Louis Mendiola
Sound & Voice
James Dean – Akau Audio 
Sama Dean – Narrator – Akau Audio 
Evangeline Dean – Bunny voice (shhh don’t tell the kids!)
Maloney Maloney 
Elly Strang
The Social Club
Firefly Digital