Easter bunny hiding behind Easter Eggs
Easter Egg
The Great Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Join us for some indoor Easter fun!

You might be staying at home, but the Easter Bunny is still out and about!

Create an indoor Easter hunt at your place, and you might just catch a glimpse of the Easter Bunny.


All you need is some clean paper, art stuff to draw and decorate with, and a mobile phone* to use for your hunt.


Time to get creative!

*No app needed however the experience may not work on older phones and some browsers.

Art Supplies
Mobile phone

How To Play

Simply draw, decorate and cut out five Magic Easter Eggs following our designs below. Get a grown up to hide them around your home and then hunt them out to reveal some Easter fun using augmented reality!  Full instructions below.

Instructions For Adults

You’ll need to hide the Magic Easter Eggs and help your kid(s) get the next clue.


Help your kid(s) draw, decorate and cut out five Easter Eggs. They don’t have to be a perfect match – just check you can still see the egg shape. 


Hide the eggs based on this list. Make sure you match our hiding places!


When your kid(s) find their egg, open this site on your mobile phone, click on “Start Hunt” and follow the onscreen instructions. Turn your sound on!


Make sure your kid can see the screen to view the animated surprise and clue for the next hiding place. 

Remember – keep the egg shape, use our list of hiding places and have your sound on!

Instructions For Kids

You’ll need to draw and colour five Magic Easter Eggs. Then go hunting for the Easter Bunny!

Bunny hiding behind Easter eggs


Draw, decorate and cut out your Magic Easter Eggs (you may need a grown up’s help). They don’t need to be a perfect match – just check the egg shape is still easy to see.


Ask a grown up to hide the eggs – make sure they follow the instructions above.


Now get hunting! You’ll need the first clue from a grown up (hint: set of drawers).


When you find your egg, open this page on a mobile phone and click “Start Hunt”.


Hold the phone over your egg to reveal a special Easter surprise and the next clue.

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